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Obama Reorganizing America

What is happening today?

The Obama reorganization of America.
If you have not had a chance to see or hear Glenn Beck’s opinion of the Obama process then you will want to see his explanation of the process of the community organizer. Read and listen to Beck’s explanation here:

This will also explain the firing of the inspector general who brought charges against the Mayor of Sacramento for misuse of funds.

You are hearing many charges against Republicans and Conservatives such as Sarah Palin, Limbaugh and others. Just keep in mind the Democrats are nervous.

My experience in many campaigns has been to always avoid the anti group or to be the anti group. This is the group against something, like the anti abortion or anti gun groups. The anti’s (pronounce “aunt eyes”) have great passion and determination and work harder than groups that are not excited.
Also keep in mind that the Republican and Democrat Parties have large umbrellas and independents and moderates will shift their votes back and forth between parties during elections. The anti’s are working on pushing these voters into voting for their party. It is all about power. Some will attack anything to generate a few votes.

Limbaugh is a conservative and has explained his position consistently for the last 20 years. He is not and has never claimed to be head of the Republican Party. In jest against those who want to portray him as an extremist he resigned as head of the Republican Party, a post he never had and probably never wanted.

Conservatives and Libertarians tend to vote more with the Republican Party but many had reservations about John McCain. McCain never had much interest until he designated Sarah Palin as his running mate but he was too blinded by his own achievements to recognize her power. The Republicans do not have an ideal candidate yet but I am sure they will find one over the next couple of years.

In the last election almost all African Americans voted for Obama and many more women voted for him. The rising deficit, the arrogance (it sounds like Obama is campaigning for head of the UN) and the anticipated increase in most taxes and the decline of the dollar because of inflation will hurt us in the near future. I lived through the depression of the 1930’s and I know government action did not take us out of the recession. Actually it was the war and the hiring of so many people to support the war effort that brought us out of the depression.

In the next congressional election the anti’s will control the election and the Democrats are worried. They are working very hard to discredit any potential leader in the opposing party so there are attacks on everyone and even the party. The bulk of the press is liberal and the entertainment field is liberal so there are attacks on Palin and even Cheney who is all but retired.

The Democrats should be concerned. With the entire might of the Democrat Party and a huge liberal press they still could not push Cheney’s approval rating below that of Nancy Pelosi.

A recent poll shows a huge increase in the numbers of Conservatives over Liberals. I would like to see the details of the individual questions asked. Liberals tend to be centered in main population centers, read the Times and watch NBC. They think all the country thinks like they do, they do not know any difference. Unfortunately many of them think they are conservatives and might have answered the questions wrong. To them the real conservative party is an extremist group. They do not realize they are mostly bank leaders and automobile dealers and small business people have been pressured recently by the feds and are being pushed over to the anti group. They are far from extremists, they are the backbone of the heartland and they will be heard loud and clear in the next elections.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Our congress has the power to adopt a new program that would rejuvenate our economy, improve our standard of living and place our nation in a better position of economic balance and balance of trade.

Such a program will not be adopted because of the selfishness of our congress and other politicians and career supervisors in Washington DC.
Our country is known for its unique innovative ideas and initiative. It was this type of initiative that caused some very successful people to explore some new ideas. They spent huge sums of their own money to have some of our problems examined by experts and then made the results and proposals a gift to the public so we could work for them and adopt them to help ourselves.

I appreciate their great gift. I want their findings acted on so it benefits my grandchildren as well as helping you and your families. We have a problem with very selfish people who are using old systems to negotiate personal benefit as politicians in our federal government. It is time we took an interest and demanded change.

Suppose we were able to say to the automobile makers we will eliminate all the income taxes you pay for your profit as well as all the taxes you pay on behalf of your employees. Suppose we also eliminated all income taxes for the employees of the automobile companies?

Sound strange?
Actually we could eliminate these taxes for all citizens and all companies in the United States. It would help the companies become more profitable, would help them compete better world wide and attract more expansion of industry and investment in the United States. You and I would have a larger income and prices would barely increase with the proper tax reform.

The gift of knowledge given to us by our generous benefactors is compiled in books about a tax reform called the “Fair Tax”. What we need now, more than ever is a complete dialogue and debate about the use of this plan. I can only urge you to read as much as you can about it. Tell your congressional contacts to review it and discuss it. We need it now more than ever. We need you to learn as much as you can about it and help us decide if it will do all that is claimed. So far, those opposed seem to be thinking of only themselves. You need to find out what is best for you and your family and then support your decision by action.
Of course, I should not fail to mention that it is designed to restore the funds for and protect the Social Security program and Medicare program. With some revision it could also cover a national health program.

Additional information is available at
There are at least two books on the subject.
Also look at the short articles previously presented. Some of the estimates might change as they are updated and we need to have more discussion to fully understand the benefits.

Information about what we should look for in our national candidates:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Automobile engine emissions have become the most significant result of oil production. You can check the references or take my word for it and skip to the body of the message below.
For example here is a reference:

Another interesting reference is:

Also look at an article summarizing the problems related to the automobile.

If you just take my word for it and accept the automobiles (your car and mine) are causing problems with the environment and creating a situation where we buy so much oil we are financing our enemies development of military assets that they want to use to conquer us.

For many years we have been bombarded with advertising of all types that have convinced us we must own an automobile and our influence on our neighbors and our stature in this world is based almost entirely on the size and value of the automobile we drive. The average American owes close to $30,000 for a car loan. This means that many Americans spend the equivalent of a whole years income for an automobile and much of their decision is based on the image that automobileS will project.
For years it has been known that a red convertible in the showroom window will draw men into the show room. It was believed that the red convertible stirred senses related to love (sex) and most buyers would leave with a more sedate sedan but they had a chance to explore their fantasy and they were lured into the showroom.

The automobile industry has researched every facet of our imaginations and buying impulses. They know us better than we know ourselves and they have convinced us (brainwashed) that we need a car and the bigger the better.

Now, after convincing us that we need their product they are going broke because of international competition. They want our government to use our tax money to save their sorry butts so they can continue to mislead us and sell us something we do not need if we were smart enough to resist them.

Our primary problem comes from our lack of use of mass transportation. When our fathers began to believe in the value and convenience of the car they stopped using mass transportation. If you wanted to use a form of transit today you cannot except in larger cities.

In some of our major cities like New York a subway and bus system exists to help move people and the efficiency of such projects is very beneficial. The subway is electrified and covers most of the city. The same concept can be applied to other cities using underground or above ground systems. The distribution of the electricity is very efficient and reduces the need to distribute fuel to inefficient modes such as the private automobile. It is difficult to drive and park in New York City and other large cities so many people park their cars and ride the transit systems into cities that have them available.

Many countries rely more on mass transportation than we do. Of course we are innovators in a wonderful country open to free capitalization and the mass production and promotion of the automobile has been very successful. If we could stimulate our major automobile manufacturers to shift from the automobile business to the transportation business we would have some of the best minds in America working on the improvement of our energy use and more efficient methods of moving us from place to place.

Of course we do not expect a transit system to be efficient out in the country where population is spread out and infrequent, but we can identify cities that will benefit from better and more efficient transportation. We can also expand our bullet train system to connect more cities and we can expand other people moving systems for smaller cities.

We need to explore the use of electricity as an energy source produced from nuclear power or natural gas. We need to explore existing technology to build better and more efficient movement.
And we need to promote the use of mass transportation and stop luring the masses to the ownership of individual automobiles.

The big three auto producers have the talent to prepare a plan for us to promote better and more efficient transportation that will be less expensive and produce less pollution. They also have many manufacturing facilities that could be converted to handle the production of people moving vehicles for mass transit. They also have the marketing ability to help us promote among ourselves the concept of the contribution we are all making to our community with the use of mass transportation.

We already have in the House of Representatives a leader in the efforts of mass transit, Congressman John Mica, who can lead us in our efforts to change our styles and resolve many problems. He is a ranking member of the House Committee for Transportation and Infrastructure and has worked hard to improve transportation projects.

And yes, with a few concessions from the big three automakers I could see benefits from helping with their financing. If we were ever to support a plan to improve transportation and make it more efficient we would have to invest some money and now, in a time of need by these companies it would seem they would be more receptive to directing their goals toward projects that benefit all of us. They have gained some reductions on some labor contracts and have invested large sums in hybrid car development. If they will recognize and work with our needs we can consider working with them.

Read about moving people in self controlled pod cars
Read about a people mover blog I published a couple of years ago.
Read about the bullet trains here:
Read a good summary about mass transportation followed by a complete history here:
Read about the need for mass transit by Tom Teepen of Cox Newspapers.

Now you must visit the Urban Design group who have organized the problem as part of a master plan to work for a solution. You will find this site interesting and exciting. Spend some time here, subscribe to their newsletter and support their efforts.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Sunday, November 16, 2008



Yes, Republicans and the Republican Party are under daily attack. The most amazing feature of this criticism is that you are being attacked by other Republicans and even fair minded news media such as Fox.

I really cannot understand this! We are being told how badly we failed and that we must rebuild our party and drag ourselves up out of the depths of failure.

As you listen to this continuous onslaught of verbal chatter please stop and put the facts into perspective. For example:

The strongest criticism has been related to the recent election and that election presented many challenges.

The media was about 90% or more in favor of Obama. The amount of publicity provided to Obama was huge and reporter after reporter praised him without investigating his background. The popular late night shows praised Obama and made fun of Bush. You can review the level of bias by visiting the Media Research Center at
The media blasted Bush for years and Bush had a very low approval rate.
When Republicans made major errors it was pointed out they were
Republicans, but when it was a Democrat the press would skip that fact.
Obama was a great communicator and McCain was not as effective.
Obama had
95% of the black vote
67% of the Latino vote.
60% of the moderate vote
66% of the 18-29 year old vote.

He spent a fortune on ads and contributions to him were record breaking; he had strong financial support of Unions special interest groups, the hollywood crowd, the media and active spending groups.

He had a well organized campaign with a strong internet program. He had speeches where he attracted 50 to 100 thousand followers.
Major cities are controlled by liberals and their control of voting and the integrity of machines and voting is unknown in the metropolitan areas. The vote is usually strongly in favor of liberals and irregularities do not receive much concern. However, when Bush made a strong showing in the liberal area of Miami the weaknesses were highlighted and blamed on Bush, when in fact the Democrats had control and responsibility for maintaining a system with integrity.

During the recent election the Republicans did not have a much to spend and feel we did not do as well.

There were 123,576,161 votes with 53.3 percent for Obama and 46.6 percent for McCain. I would have expected, especially with the strong black vote the difference to be double digits, maybe 15 to 20% more for Obama. Dick Morris stated on TV the spread would have been much higher if it had not been for Sarah Palin.

Even with the odds stacked against the Republican Party the difference was only 6.7 percent. Imagine that. If just 3.5% had switched their vote McCain would have won. If we had pulled just 1% each from the black vote, the Latino vote, the independent vote and the younger voter group we would have won. And McCain was not as effective as someone like Reagan, he had a handicap from his age but he did have his time as a prisoner and he did have Sarah Palin. Dick Morris analyzed the vote difference would have been larger if it were not for help from Palin. During the debates Huckabee showed a strong understanding of the issues and connected well with the few questions he was invited to answer. McCain and even Romney looked weak with their lack of connection with the issues raised. Even some of the debates were influenced by the biased questioners who were leaning toward those they expected Obama to defeat.

I also know that with my experience working on campaigns that those who are opposed to a person or a policy have much more passion and work harder to defeat the opposition and usually are more successful in winning elections. Obama had the change issue locked up, he promised to change Washington. McCain had a good program for changing the pork barrel politics of Washington but he could not sell it. He just did not connect. I also doubt that he was open to suggestions or advice or ideas from others as to how to change it.

With the odds against him I feel the Republican Party did a pretty good job of trying to sell McCain against the formidable odds listed above. We did not get beaten by a landslide. Our national committee put up a good fight and you helped maintain a high level of competition and need to be commended.

In the next election we will have the power of being the opposition. Obama cannot possibly deliver on all the promises he made or implied. He is going to lose some of his support. Familiarity might not breed contempt but it can certainly take the edge off admiration and we can expect each group to lose a few votes to our side and if we do all we did this time we can expect to win.

Of course we need change, we need to improve. We vote but then the elected officials are led to the trough by big money lobbyists so I argue that we do not have representation. We must do something about the lobbyists. They are corrupting our government and stealing the representation away from the voters. Shawn Hannity has commented on this. The influence has grown recently by the giving of perks to staff members. If you contact your representatives in congress they might never know you called because a staff member who is receiving gifts might suppress your information. We have to stop this unfair influence. We can do this by providing money for elections or by forcing lobbyists out of business or by law or by competing with them by contributing to a citizens lobbying group.

Let me also mention we have people telling us how they can use the internet to help us solve all our problems and it is enticing. But they are seldom able to perform. The interest in using the internet during the campaign came from young people who were against the Bush program and were fired up against the present regime by the media and they happened to keep connected with the internet.
It was not necessarily the internet; it was the opposition passion within the users. We need to be wary of those who promise to know how to use the internet and get us to back them and place our resources with them.

In the next elections it will all change. We will be the opposition party, we will have the passion to change from Obama’s failed promises and offer our own solutions and by then Governor Palin will be a leader and will express our viewpoint for us. We do not know how powerful she will become or if someone else will rise to the top. But we do have an exciting future ahead.

There are a few among us who have the interest and desire to guide our party in the right direction. We are a big party and have many viewpoints to include, not just the conservative branch. Recently Deputy Governor Michael Steele has expressed an interest. He is a good man and I do not oppose his efforts. I would like to say that when people we listen to like O’Reilly say they do not know who our present leader is it bothers me. We should thank the Republican National Committee and its Chairman Mr. Duncan and we should thank the Republican Congressional Committee and its Chairman Mr. Cole for their hard work and for bringing us so close to success under such formidable obstacles as I have listed. And we must ask them to continue to work to pull the underhanded pork barrel politics including earmarks out of our government.

In closing I would like to repeat a statement I made in the past to try to gain your support for helping to make our party a success.

I have been alive for almost 40% of the life of our country. One of my ancestors was one of the first officials in the Pomona area of New Amsterdam that became New Jersey. Another ancestor was involved in the grass roots movement to end slavery which began with the forming of the Republican Party. I went with my Dad to hand out flyers for Tom Dewey when he ran against Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I became the youngest Mayor of my community when I defeated a Democrat and then successfully campaigned for other Republicans. I helped plan and worked in several campaigns at all levels.
I feel sad that my Dad could not be alive to see us have control of the presidency and both houses of congress but glad he did not have to witness the self destruction of that great achievement by our own party groveling in earmarks and lobbyists lavish gifts.
I must beg of all of you to honor our ancestors and their dreams. Give thanks to all of those who have helped us succeed and condemn those who have soiled our objectives. I thank you so much. To those of you who have done damage to our policies and objectives I ask you to reform or help us to successfully replace you.

Reference to previous blog concerning help wanted for honest government:

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My research for this discussion was very difficult because everyone giving information has some type of self interest. I have to admit to some bias and yet I would really like to know the truth. I have the advantage of years of experience, formal training in economics, took a second major and job training in business management, a little experience trading oil futures and even some experience in politics. Let me see if I can add to your knowledge and tell you the several sides of each issue affecting oil prices. I apologize for the length of this article but there are many factors affecting oil prices and the length is necessary.

There are a number of things that will affect oil prices and you better be ready to accept part of the blame. If we do not realize that we are the main problem we are never going to resolve the issue.
The main cause of high oil and high gas prices is the law of supply and demand. We use too much and other parts of the world are using more so we have to recognize the problem.

High demand causes high prices because more people are bidding on the product, the world is not producing enough to meet demand and reduce prices and we will not allow drilling or construction of refineries. The suppliers of oil are holding back and maintaining a reduced supply so the price stays high. So first I will discuss how we can reduce demand.
Then I will talk about increasing supply. Then I will discuss finding alternatives. We will also look at the speculators. In the end I hope you will better understand that we have to do many things, cut back, develop mass transportation, find alternatives and for awhile increase our production and supply to help reduce prices.
There are forces at work trying to keep the price of gas high so we will use alternative sources. The alternatives have to be experimented with more to make them reach their potential so you and I are going to suffer while others play with pricing. If you want to do something about it you are going to have to study this article and maybe do some additional investigation. If you learn more that will help all of us please pass it on. Let us begin:

First there is the effect that you and I have. We are addicted to automobiles. A recent study of major addiction shows that we are most addicted to cell phones, then automobiles and then cigarettes and so on. Our addiction to the auto developed with the Model T Ford when it made most families a part of the success of the US by giving them independence and transportation at a price they could manage. We had arrived. Since 1909 we have been bombarded by the allure of the auto, right up to the current ad by Cadillac for the sexy gal asking if your car turns you on. I remember an article in the Portland, Oregon newspaper about how the car interests bought up the well operated trolley system and ran it badly until it went bankrupt.

We, you and I, need to support mass transportation. We need to push for it and we need to use it whenever possible, especially mass transit fueled by alternative power such as wind, sun, tide, nuclear power and standard electrical power. I have to place this as a high priority item because we can do things to lower the price of gas but the expansion of population around the world will continue to increase our need for gas and until we can develop alternative power we will continue to be short of production of fuel. We will also be expanding our highways and the dangers connected with them. We can expect to see massive enlargement of highway sizes in the near future. The efficient development of mass transportation and the efficient distribution of power to these transportation methods through electrical wires will be an advantage.

This is a long term solution but we must push for it now and we must start educating our children to pull them away from the worshipping of cars. It is reported there are 3 cars for every resident of Los Angeles, the average American Family owes a whole years salary in car payments, we are killing many people on the highways and we are destroying many pristine areas to make room for the highways.
You and I can also affect the price of oil by reducing our dependence on the automobile.

The cost of oil is controlled by many factors. OPEC Nations control production to maintain the longest and highest value of its finite supply of crude oil. One of our former national officials went to the oil producing nations and earned millions by showing them how to organize into OPEC and maintain maximum income. If we show we are serious about drilling and becoming self sufficient it will cause OPEC to reduce the costs of crude to where you and I will stop worrying about the cost of oil and worry more about a green earth. We are already causing concern because OPEC is considering some adjustments to production to reduce prices by increasing supply.
J. Boone Pickens who has made billions in oil and is considered to be the smartest man in the oil business recently told Neal Cavuto that world production of oil is about 20% below demand and that will continue to keep the oil prices high for a long time period.

In addition to the price created by supply and demand we have price increases caused by speculation. This comes under the discussion of futures trading. There are two factors you will hear about, one is the low margin required for trading and the other is the so-called Enron Loophole.
At the present time you can control the future price of oil by buying a futures contract at a market price. You must have good credit with a commodities broker dealing in the correct exchange location and place on deposit about 5% of the futures market value of 1000 barrels of oil. When oil was at $100 per barrel a market value of 1000 barrels would be $100,000. You could buy this unit and control it for a deposit of $8,000 (Includes 5% deposit and fees). As the price increased you could sell that unit for the market so when the price reached $130 per barrel you could sell that unit for $130,000 and would therefore earn $30,000 on an investment of $8,000. It looks easy but hindsight is wonderful so consider if that price had dropped to $90 your broker would be looking for an additional payment to cover the $10,000 loss. The risk is high and the losses can be staggering so keep in mind that if the market perceives that the price will drop owners of these futures units will start selling fast and the drop in price will be fast and many losses will occur. This is one of the reasons that starting to open more drilling locations will drive the nervous investors away and prices will drop. OPEC nations also point to the futures price and will price their commodity accordingly because they feel they should not get less than the futures price is willing to pay. The futures market usually evens out wide swings in prices and can be beneficial to the public. However, the margin should be increased from 5% and gradually increased to a rate between 30 % to 50%. This would reduce the number of traders who get involved for a quick profit during difficult times such as we are having now.

Also keep in mind that many prudent investors have stock investment programs and 401 K retirement programs that invest in these commodity futures. It tends to even out wide swings in the market except at certain times like we are having now and that could be controlled by higher fees.

We also have to look at the Enron loophole which allowed the commodity market to deal without federal controls. We really get involved in politics here because the bulk of the information explaining the procedure is encouraged by the election process. I relied upon Wikipedia and tried to get a non biased view but I also read the descriptions of some of those that have a political agenda and I must admit it is difficult to get a clear viewpoint. Better control is a legitimate argument that needs to be considered but is the control set up so that politicians can hold more hearings just to gain publicity? It might be better to require higher margins and let it go at that. If there are wrong doings by individuals investigate their activities but enlarging the power of our congress over areas they are not familiar with to gain political advantage is dangerous. I would like to see more information and clarity about this subject and possibly an investigative group of experts could study this and clarify the regulations and their procedures to the public. The Enron loophole came about when congress passed a bill restricting some investments practiced by Enron. The bill was studied by investors who soon learned it allowed them to switch futures trading to uncontrolled futures trading boards that were not controlled or open to inspection of the Commodities Board of Trade. Some very large groups began dealing in huge amounts of futures contracts and found they could control the price of many futures markets including oil. Recently the Congress passed another bill that would grant subsidies to farmers and the administration was opposed to this bill and wanted to veto it. Inserted in this bill was a patch to bring the futures markets back under some control. Congress had enough votes to override a veto but because there were several features in the bill you will see game playing and grandstanding before the public claiming who voted for and against the bill. It is cheap maneuvering which is used to confuse the public and gain votes at election time. We will see if this change in the law helps. Nothing has happened yet to the price of oil so maybe the new bill has some flaws in it also.

Another subject of heated discussion is the existing oil and gas leases that are not being utilized. I see estimates of 40 to 90 thousand acres of leases now in effect that are not being utilized. When I tried to find the reasons for this under utilization I had real difficulties. One side says they are not being used in order to drive prices up. The other side says the leases are in areas where there is limited gas or oil. Some have suggested swapping leases for new and more promising leases, others suggest fines for non use or cancellations. These discussions are troubling. In a time of concern for good business ethics our government has a made a contract and if it is a bad contract we have to honor it. But we have to find out why the leases are not being used. One study said most of the leases were purchased by oil companies because they were cheap and help build a better looking balance sheet showing valuable reserves. This helped with financing and stock sales. In another commentary I found statements by an economist with the oil industry that sounded plausible. He stated the leases were not considered productive enough to be profitable unless the price is high like now but there is fear the price will be reduced soon and that would make them unprofitable again so there is reluctance to invest in their development.
If there were some non political studies we might find a solution. It is very hard to solve a problem without a true definition of the problem. Certainly the ability to exchange leases for more profitable leases would seem in order with a stipulation in the new lease that development must take place within an agreed time period.

Should we drill in some of our pristine areas of the country? Most Americans feel we should. Others feel we should not and should wait until we have developed alternative forms of energy. I feel we must take some immediate corrective action to increase supply and reduce prices. We should also work on alternative fuel sources and new forms of energy. We should also support mass transportation for a longer term solution. If we use a stop gap procedure of bringing new oil supplies on line while we develop other forms of energy we will intimidate our present suppliers who will reduce their costs to keep us from having the need to develop our own resources.

One of the suggestions made is that we should tax excess profits of oil companies. Economists have made many studies of this subject and even affirmed it in the independent studies hired out by the Fair Tax group. They have found that corporations do not pay taxes, it is a cost of doing business that is reflected in their product pricing so the consumer ends up paying the tax. We might also look at the excess profits made by the oil companies. The reports are they show a profit of about 8% net taxable profit. Some companies selling high quantities of products work with 2% to 3% of profit, A 6% profit is about average but some companies related to banking and also sales might have profits in the double digits and some go as high as 25%. The oil companies are large and their 8% may be seem excess but talk to some accountants and look up profits for various types of companies and judge for yourself. Excess profits taxes will be passed on to the consumer and I do not find this a worthwhile or dependable system of trying to reduce prices at the pump.
Should we drill in ANWR? I have seen photos of the area to be drilled and it is not very pristine, it is a desolate coastal area as confirmed by satellite maps and photos taken by a former bush pilot in the area. Probably the biggest convincer to me is that if we buy our oil from a foreign company they could be destroying far more pristine areas and with much fewer controls than we use. We owe it to the world to develop resources with our technology and controls.

Should we drill off our coast?
Take Florida for example or Florida and California which controls the bulk of our total coastline mileage. As I ride along the coast my view is usually blocked by ugly condos and they are fighting to control the beach access around them. Now, many of these residents want protection for their view and their beaches from the rest of us who have to pay higher gas prices. You cannot see beyond 15 to 20 miles out to sea anyway so what is the problem? We have shown good control of our pollution and many benefits of tapping the oil reserves off the shore lines so lets do it.

I watched an interview with a person named Eric Bolling (an independent trader on CNBC and Fox Business channel) who called some drilling companies to see what the delay is in drilling and bringing on line additional oil production. He was told that the drilling companies have rigs available right now to go out and drill. He said if it was further out from where they are drilling now much of the infrastructure is in place and additional oil could be flowing in about 3 years and possibly in as little as 1 year.

I also looked into the reports that China is drilling off the coast of Cuba. I found this project had not started, partly because the nearest refineries are in the US and because of our embargo the oil could not be brought here. However, Bolling says there is talk of discussion between Venezuela and China and if this project starts there is fear that Cuba will be drilling a short distance from our southern coast and with new technologies they could be drawing out the oil from the vast reserves we are failing to utilize in the Gulf of Mexico that are near Florida.

Now, lets summarize our findings.
We need to manage transportation better which will help us manage fuel and energy supplies better. With increases in mass transportation, especially electric it allows us to distribute the fuel more efficiently and to have more options for the source of energy including nuclear power.

We can still alleviate the near term cost of energy by exploring new forms of energy which will help convince OPEC to reduce costs and increase production while we still need the commodity.

We can make greater use of our energy resources which will still be used to fuel our new mass transit investments.

One of the new prospects for biofuel is a new plant that grows in dry areas and could be planted and harvested along our southern border by hiring our neighbors. This plant seed will produce 10 times the oil in corn and could expand our resources. India, for example is planning 9,000 acres of the plant.

As you will see we are being misled by many for political purposes. We must bring a stop to this and pay attention to who is using earmarks inserted in bills without disclosure and review for the expenditure.

The main problem with our need for oil is our overuse of cars which are not an efficient means of transportation and requires delivery of fuel to the point of use. We all agree we want to clean up the planet but we cannot be blind to using our resources now as we develop new and better forms of energy. We have many prospects but it will take a few years to improve upon them so we benefit the most from the new innovations. One of the people who have been working constantly to help us see the value of improvements in transportation has been my own member of the House of Representatives, Congressman John Mica. He has been honest and straight forward and has not wavered from his objectives. It is my support of him as a fine individual that has stimulated me to study and try to contribute to your understanding of all the factors in affecting the high price of oil and fuel. I am trying to be non-political and hope you will see past the politics and look for the truth. If you have good knowledge of any of the items I discuss I would encourage you to help all of us by sharing your knowledge. We Americans are proud and resourceful and we can solve any problem we understand.
Thank you for your interest and assistance.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I do not pick up hitchhiking strangers anymore, it just seems too dangerous. But recently I have a memory of this long haired bearded man that reminded me of someone and he looked at me and sort of compelled me to stop and offer him a ride.

We entered into a small conversation and political comments were made. The stranger said he was disappointed that we were not resolving our problems so I questioned him more about some of the problems. First, I asked him what he would do about our border problem.

He told me he would organize the one big problem into several small ones.
The problem the transients have finding work in their home countries.
The desire they have to come to the US and work.
The problem this creates for US workers who will do the work for more money and then are put out of work by those who take their jobs for less money.
The problem with patrolling the border. The disadvantage these visitors make for potential visitors from other countries who do not have the advantage of living near our border. He also mentioned the unfairness of border countries not granting the US citizens the same rights they ask for their citizens coming to the US.

He said we should look at this as a trade project. If we were very dependent on production and sales of a certain product and a foreign country started sending a huge amount of that product to us we would impose a trade tariff to protect our own production. Then he explained that we should do the same with labor by requiring employers pay a minimum wage determined fair and high enough to attract US workers for the same work.

He would require that all workers register with their own government, either before they came or if already here at locations designated by their country. Information about their home and family contacts would be recorded and passed on to the US authorities who would then issue a temporary work permit ID card.

Companies or entities that hired these people would be required to register them with the US authorities and show their permit number and where they were living. The US Government in conjunction with labor groups and manufacturers associations would determine the fair labor price for workers for the job hired for. Changes in labor costs would need time to balance with the market so the increase in labor payments would be spread over a time period, such as 3 years so the employer and the market could adjust. Companies that found difficulties or unfair impact could meet with the labor advisory groups setting the rates and request an adjustment.

With individuals not having to sneak across the border and being allowed to pass back and forth with proper identity the borders would have less traffic and stress and attention could be concentrated on more serious problems of fewer illegal crossings.

Workers would be able to go to visit their families and the need to bring the wife and family would be reduced and to support the practice of giving US citizenship to the child born of a non resident could be logically restricted.

The practice of giving health care to non citizens could be reduced and if the employer or visitor did not have health care insurance, emergency aid could be given and then the visitor would be sent to his home for care. Social services for these workers could be provided for by the home country and the workers should contribute there for health and retirement care.

I liked this plan so then I asked him what he would do about Iraq. He said that Iraq has abandoned the US. We were told by some so called “insiders” that the citizens would rise up and help us take over the country and make it a free nation with our aid.

These patriots have not appeared in sufficient numbers and instead have joined movements by the leading clergy and by neighboring nations. The citizens learned to live by their wits and unusual methods of deception under their past ruler. It would seem they are now using their wits against us and resisting help in hopes we will leave and their own preferential leader will take control. When we finally leave there will be a clash between ethnic groups and at least 3 neighboring countries that will move in and try to take control from the existing groups.
He said there is nothing we can do about it. Our goal is honorable but the patience of these cultures will persist and we might as well give in and leave them to their own demise. We have tried to do the honorable thing but the citizens have made their choice and we might as well leave and let them get on with their own destruction.

I expressed my concern and belief that we should continue trying to succeed, that I did not feel we should admit defeat. His response was that we were not leaving them, they had left us and we would be surprised at what happens when we leave.

The subject seemed to be closed so I asked him about our gas problem. He looked at me and said we do not have a gas problem; we have a transportation management problem. But I objected and I said I was using too much of my resources to purchase gas. He said the solution is very simple. Take the bus or the train. I obviously replied that you know we do not have a bus or a train. He smiled and said it was because my parents had not used them when they available and they stopped running.
He went on to say we had all the resources we needed but we did not manage them well. He commented on the families having 2 or 3 cars and the fuel wasted by this selfish and conspicuous mode of movement. He talked about airplanes and their heavy use of fuel and how one country had harnessed electricity for high speed travel and this travel (magnetic levitation) should be better for moderate distances with slower electric trains for a less costly method and with buses and trolleys for shorter distances. He commented on the need to support mass transportation and teach our children not to have so much awe for cars and for them to teach their parents not to place so much importance on automobiles. He said that when the problem becomes large enough museums would become the center point for teaching families about better ways to manage transportation and distribute the electric fuel to operate them. He also pointed out the ability to use electricity for mass transit could come from many sources.

In the short term he explained we could reduce the price of gasoline by approving more locations for drilling and approve the infrastructure to refine the oil to gas. Just the approval of these items would cause the futures speculators to sell their holdings and the price of oil would drop. It would also cause oil producing nations to make oil less expensive in hopes we would not continue to expand our drilling and refining. He extended his lecture with mentioning the freeways and highways that we are expanding to accommodate the cars we drive. These highways will probably have to be expanded and doubled in size over the next 10 to 15 years. This action will destroy more beautiful land than by drilling with proper mass transportation management. He went on about our buying oil from countries that will not be as restrictive as we would be about drilling so we could do more to help the environment under our control rather than buying from others who do not take as much care. He also commented on our restrictions about drilling so far off our coast when foreign countries like Cuba will drill within 40 miles of our country and with horizontal drilling methods could easily drill into our territory.

Then he asked me to drop him off just around the next curve. He wanted to meet someone there and rest before continuing his journey. I asked if I would be able to see him again and it seemed he looked deep within me and said that if I looked for him I would find him.

The only place I saw around the next turn was a church so I stopped the car.
And then he was gone. I plan to travel that road again, and I will look for him but I believe he will influence others and get his message to us.

If I did not listen and you do not listen it will be like the tree falling and no one hearing it. If you read this message then it exists, if not, it was never there.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I have received some of those solicitations recently that are interesting letters, well written and promising big income as a result of buying someones books or tapes.

I believe I could write a short letter type proposal to you that would give you a huge increase in your income and you do not have to buy anything or do anything other than to ask for the program. If you would like more income than please read this.


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It is no gimmick, I am not asking you for any money to reveal this secret to you and it is a legal program with broad support. The program was the result of some of the “We the People” in our constitution being fed up with the government handling of our finances so this group of “We the People” raised over a million dollars and hired some of our nations finest accountants and economists and asked them to develop a program that would help everyone, help lower income families the most, help our economy, renew our leadership in innovation, save our Social Security program and stabilize low interest rates.

The good and generous group that donated the money for this project did us a big favor and the results were amazing. They have developed a plan to do all of the above. Plus, it will bring off shore investment back to our shores.

Now, I just told you about a small part of the program. As you can see above everyone will get from about $4,000 a year to about $8,000 a year increase in income. But there is even more. Let’s say you and your wife earn about $50,000 per year. In this program you could receive another $10,000 per year as a result of the changes this program will bring.

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I am going to give you a web site where you can go and read about this great wealth you can receive and it will tell you how you can request the program.
Go to this free site and you do not have to buy anything, just read what they say.
The site is

OK, you are curious and you want some details. Here is a quick summary.

The accountants and economists and attorneys who worked on this studied our current tax system. They discovered that it could be reorganized and it would save the government bundles of cash plus it could raise enough money for the government to operate. One of the tricky secrets they discovered is that business and corporations do not pay taxes. Well, they send the money in but it is money you pay them for their taxes so you pay it they do not. Let’s say you buy a new cell phone for $100.00. That cell phone should sell for about $78.00 but all the companies that make that phone pay taxes of about $22.00 so they sell their $78.00 phone for $100 and you pay the taxes.

These numbers and dollars gurus figured out if they eliminated the IRS the cell phones and everything else you buy would drop in price through competition. The companies are happy, they make as much because they are not being taxed. Now, the government tells everybody who is selling things to include $23.00 in consumption or sales taxes and send it to the government. Most retail people are already collecting sales taxes so this is just one more check for them to send.

Do you see the magic these numbers gurus have discovered? You are paying almost the same price for new products, you do not pay any income taxes so you get your whole pay check (see the $10,000 above)and at the beginning of each month Washington is going to send you the sales tax you will pay for your basic necessities (see the $188 to $700 plus above). If you are a little tight go to a garage sale and buy used items, the tax only applies to new items and because of the prebate it only applies to non-essential items..

Tens of thousands of us have already signed a petition asking for the program. If you want it you have to “just ask for it” by signing the petition also.
There are at least 3 candidates for president who support this program. There are about 65 congressional members who have pledged to co-sign the bill. It is going to happen but it depends on you as to how fast it is adopted.

There is probably an introductory program being offered in your community, maybe at the local library. There are books you can read and loads of information at the web site.

Please join me now, I want to help start spending or saving our new increased income.

The fine print:
There are some people who do not want this program and they will resist until “We the People” show we are strongly in favor of this program. The people who do not want it are some in congress who want the power of unlimited taxation; often they cloud the issue by offering partial tax exemptions for selected items which gives them the power to accept special lobbying perks and bonuses like trips and campaign finance advantages. The lobbyists and many attorneys are afraid of losing their jobs. We feel there is lots of work available for them showing everyone how to invest their new income and putting their efforts for expansion. I questioned how this program could finance the government when taxes from individuals plus corporations would be eliminated. At the web site I found studies showing how the expansion of the consumption tax without exemptions will more than fund our needs. Many types of consumers who avoid paying taxes will be supporting us and our new expansion will help. Read at the web site or one of the books about the program. Then “just ask for it”.